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#1     NK5000 .B26 2002     2002
Enameling with professionals / by Lilyan Bachrach.
Bachrach, Lilyan.     
#2     NK5000 .S38 1997     1997
Enamel, medium for fine art / by Margarete Seeler.
Seeler, Margarete.     

#3     NK7398.T5 Z36 1993     1993
The jewelry and enamels of Louis Comfort Tiffany / Janet Zapata.
Zapata, Janet.     

#4     NK5000 .M36 1984     1984
Enamels, enameling, enamelists / Glenice Lesley Matthews ; photographs by Michael J. Oliver, unless otherwise noted ; Harold B. Helwig, technical consultant.
Matthews, Glenice Lesley.     

#6     TT382.6 .S77     1981
A manual of cloisonné & champlevé enameling / J. Patrick Strosahl, Judith Lull Strosahl, Coral L. Barnhart ; ill. by Barbara Becker.
Strosahl, J. Patrick.     

#7     TT382.6 .L5     1980
Cloisonné, the art of cloisonné enameling and jewelry making / Felicia Liban and Louise Mitchell ; [photographs by Gerald Stoodley].
Liban, Felicia.     
#8     TT382.6 .E38     1975
Easy enameling on metal / Virginie Fowler Elbert ; photos. and ill. by the author.
Fowler, Virginie, 1916-     
#9     NK5004 .C6     1974
Enamels of China and Japan : champlevé and cloisonné.
Cosgrove, Maynard G.     
#10     TT205 .S5613     1974
Working with copper, silver, and enamel / [by] Jan Sjoberg and Ove Sjoberg.
Sjöberg, Jan.     
#11     TT382.6 .R46     1972
Introduction to enameling / by Maurine Reminih [i.e. Remenih].
Remenih, Maurice.


#12     TT382.6 .B35     1972
Experimental techniques in enameling.
Ball, Fred, 1945-     
#14     TS725 .M3 1971     1971
Metalwork and enamelling : a practical treatise on gold and silversmiths' work and their allied crafts / Line drawings by Cyril Pearce.
Maryon, Herbert.     
#15     NK5000 .S37     1969
The Art of Enameling : how to shape precious metal and decorate it with cloisonné, champlevé, plique-à-jour, mercury gilding and other fine techniques / Margaret Seeler.
Seeler, Margaret.     
#16     TS740 .N4 1967     1967
Practical enamelling and jewelry work.
Newble, Brian.     
#18     TS700 .N48 1966     1966
The craft of enamelling / illus. by the author.
Neville, Kenneth.     
#19     NK5000 .F65     1962
Limoges enamels / by W.and B.Forman.Text by M.Gauthier and M.Marcheix.
Forman, Werner.     
#20     TS725 .W6 1960     1960
Hand made jewelry : a manual of techniques with a section on metal enameling / illustrations by the author.
Wiener, Louis.     
#21     TS725 .M3 1959     1959
Metalwork and enamelling : a practical treatise on gold and silversmiths' work and their allied crafts / with 333 line drawings by Cyril Pearce and other illus.
Maryon, Herbert.     
#22     NK6510 .W5 1958     1958
Enamel art on metals.
Winter, Edward.     

#23     TS700 .C4     1956
CM handbook on copper enameling / prepared by the staff of Ceramics monthly magazine: Louis G. Farber, editor, Mary Elliott, associate editor, in collaboration with Jean O'Hara and Jo Rebert.
Ceramics monthly.     

#24     NK5000 .B3     1951
Enameling : principles and practice.
Bates, Kenneth Francis, 1904-


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.