DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

What Drives You: Spirituality, Service, or Passion?

Identify Your Primary Motivations

Following is an activity, based on English's inner motivational model, to identify your most and least dominant inner motivations.

In her videotape, The Forces Within Us, English chose to represent the three motivations within each of us, by calling them the Goddesses of survival, passion, and quiescence Survia, Passia, and Quiessa (English, 1998). *

Learning Objectives
Identify your most and least dominant motivations.
Determine what you need to do to balance your motivations to make effective career or business decisions.

Pencil and paper.

You can do this activity by yourself or with a partner.

Your choice

Time Required
30 minutes


1. Number a paper from 1 - 9.
2. Write the names of nine people who have characteristics with which you identify.
3. Next to the person's name, write the main characteristic with which you identify.
4. Choose in which of the following inner motivational categories each characteristic falls:
(a) survival, (b) passion, (c ) quiescence (peacefulness, quietude).
5. Count up how many entries have been entered in each motivational category.

Assessment of Learning Objectives
Which inner motivation is dominant in your life?
Which motivation is least prevalent?
Is any motivation lacking in your life?

When I first did this activity, I discovered that peacefulness was totally lacking in my life. As a result of performing this activity, I took Yoga and Pilates classes to learn how to relax. This is a good activity to do more than once. It can be used as a barometer to check out how you are balancing your life. Think about how your most dominant motivator can help you make a career decision; what motivation you need to bring more of into your life; what motivation you need to moderate; and how this will strengthen your decision-making ability.

*This activity is based on English, F. (1998). Videotape: The forces within us. International Transactional Analysis Association 436 14th Street, Ste 1301, Oakland, CA 94612. Email: ITAA@ITAA-net.org.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.