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Sample Testimonials



You, Sally, are so good at helping others in their life transitions to evolve and move into their full beauty and potential.



Thanks so much for coordinating this Sally.  This was my first teleseminar and I found it both interesting and a very user-friendly way to get a CEU.  I appreciate having the opportunity.


Many thanks for your persistence and the links, I'm enjoying listening to Jim now.  I appreciate the link to John's interview as well, I'm just beginning to familiarise myself with his work.  I'm also looking forward to enjoying more of the Careerwell interviews in the future!

Congratulations on such a wonderful line up of tele-interviews.  The list looks GREAT and I can't wait. 


Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend your call with Richard Bolles!  It was inspiring and full of uplifting insights to help ourselves and our clients!  Your questions and follow-up comments enriched the conversation even further.


I found the Richard Bolles interview very interesting. I appreciated his comments regarding career counselors' over- emphasis on the "Step by Step" method,  when in reality so many find their careers through luck or intuition and his suggestion that we constantly expand our horizons and "seek to live a victorious life." I am looking forward to the David Blustein interview during October.



I am age 60 and my husband 72. He is just about ready to release a press statement that he will run for state legislator. Our life is comfortable, but we are both open to learning and will contribute to our community as long as we possibly can. after a few weeks of soul searching and communicating with some of the respected people in our lives, your presentation was affirming in regard to each of us asking ourselves: "who are we now?" kendall's ideas are inspiring. Thanks. M.


My mind is filled and swirling with all the ideas, suggestions, stories, and the creativity inspirations shared on tonight's call! I could have listened for hours more. I'm already looking forward to hearing the recording of the call (more than once, I suspect) to reflect on ways to incorporate the rich gifts shared on the call into my own life and career, as well as using them to help clients (and share them with colleagues). Very energizing, many thanks to you and Kendall!!


Kendall is awesome! His use of open, creative visual techniques is inspiring - his modeling of helping clients go deeper into themselves than standardized testing may go is very helpful. Visuals, examples, explanations, and the tools given in the presentation form an increidible jumping board for career counselors to be creative. Static pictures & ppt were very helpful during the interview definitely added depth. I will certainly use the tools for myself and clients, will create new tools from them, and will listen to the audio to reinforce some of the ideas. Bravo! Keep them coming.


Good concrete and practical examples and resources given.


This is the best tele-interview I've participated in. Jan is a wealth of knowledge about hidden diabilities.  The entire school counseling, counseling, teaching and school psychologist programs need to be reformed to include more courses on identifying and diagnosing of these disabilities so people who have them can get appropriate services early. Then, hopefully, it will help them get and stay on track for success.


It was helpful to learn what ways you can be helpful to those who are struggling with a hidden disability. Your assistance to them now will help train them for the tuture which is very valuable to me as a career counselor, such as setting appointment reminders before they leave a session or having them complete tasks right after the session.


just a reminder that in many cases the best you can do is educate yourself.


I remember seeing/hearing Mary at a MACCA conference not long after her book, "Hand Me Down Dreams," was published. I lost track of her, and I was thrilled that you brought her back from "obscurity." I've followed the Positive Psychology movement for some years and enjoyed hearing more current information directly from Mary.


Outstanding and valuable info on communication between men and women. Loved it! Thanks Sally!


I can't wait to spend more time studying the Authenitc Happiness website and look at some of the reference material Mary mentioned. I took the VIA durvey and found it very telling. It was quite helpful to have done/reviewed it before Mary's interview. Above all, I found the topic timely and practical from both counseling and career counseling perspectives! I an eager to apply this information in my own life and then, be able to use it to enhance my clients' expereinces. And I loved the tidbit (networking) about how you walked Mary to a speaking engagement in order to make a personal connection - great idea! Thanks for all you do.


I think these tele confernces are just wonderful and I thank you so very much to bringing high quality interseting folks to us.


Excellent ... nice new way to look at the tired elevator speech.... WIshful thinking, wish we could have tried to write one for ourselves.... and it will try it now! Thanks


I was glad that I was able to ask a question re. 100% home-based jobs with the government or more challenging positions in the private sector.


Thank you for such stimulating and relevant teleconferences. I really appreciate them.


great program! Sam really walks her talk with clear, concise examples that overcame my initial skepticism about marketing renewed old techniques in my repertoire.


I was pleased that the speaker and moderator support the idea of raising awareness of cultural influences in our schools and businesses... not only with individual clients.


Gave me some ideas to help my clients with their pitches and other ways to help them be more "pithy" in their networking and interviewing.


I really felt there was a lot I could use in my role at work.
It wasn't just a talk about the materials I already read prior to the tele-interview.


The elevator pitch was very useful! It was a new twist which made the whole process of creating one sound more appealing.


I certainly enjoyed the content, the level of experience, and the very articulate speaker.



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