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NEW:  Career Advising Online Seminar Using Happenstance

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John Krumboltz

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Meet John Krumboltz...


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Welcome to Careerwell Tele-Interviews.


I chose Dr. John Krumboltz to be our interviewee because he is such a creative thinker.  For example, he told me he wanted listeners to ask as many questions as you can think of.  He's also so much fun!  For example, at the first workshop I ever presented to CASC on the Job Juggler's e-course, I asked if anyone in the audience could juggle,  John was the only participant who volunteered, and did a great job juggling, I might add.

John, first you have a question for our listeners. What is your question that you would like to ask listeners?


What is your current job title?  Was that the job title you said you wanted when you were 18 years old?

My second question to you, John, is "What gave you the courage to volunteer to juggle balls at my workshop and do you see juggling as related to making the most of happenstance in your life and career?"

You wrote, in the promo of this tele-interview,  “The goal of helping clients make their life’s career decision is simplistic and obsolete.  Let’s talk about a more valuable goal.”  What is the goal you are talking about?

My fourth question relates to a lively discussion that the CareerCounselor listserv had yesterday about the closing of ICDC, the International Career Development Association Conference, which has been in existence for 25 years. Some of the participants were complaining about its shortcomings, others were praising it and mourning its demise, and still others were already planning future conferences, inclduing new ways of delivering professional development, such as webinars, video-casts, and this tele-interview. How would you suggest that the hundreds, really thousands (considering the presenters and attendees), of contributors to this conference might redirect their energies to either contribute to or take advantage of future professional development opportunities?

How can our clients find out about emerging careers?  How would you suggest that career professionals find out about ways that we can adapt our skills to the changing marketplace?

Is the word "career" still appropriate?  If we interpret "career" as its original meaning as "a path through life," not just as a profession or occupation or progression through one's working life, how would you define "career" for young people?  for mid-life adults? for later-life adults? Could you give examples of how an individual in one of these stages could make a career decision?


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NEW:  Career Advising Online Seminar Using Happenstance

15 CCE-approved contact hours*
CLICK HERE for current dates.
Participation is a 5-week commitment.

Format: Interactive online seminar with discussion boards. Participants will have weekly assignments, readings and discussions. This is not a self-paced class.
Participant requirements: Read Luck Is No Accident by Krumboltz & Levin and assigned articles; participate in online discussions; write one short reaction paper and one short final paper describing how you will apply what you have learned in your current job.


Instructor: Jim Peacock

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