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Medical Tax Deductions for Assisted Living


Access the must current information on medical tax deduction considerations for Assisted Living. Jim Moore, a senior housing and health care industry leader, will present an on-site complementary talk, open to the public, at AgeSong@Bayside Park, 1440 40th Street, Emeryville, Thursday, March 1, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Download Jim Moore Flyer.

For over 14 years he has authored the monthly column entitled, “Senior Housing” for Contemporary Long Term Care Magazine – a leading industry trade periodical. Jim also writes on a regular basis for three other leading Senior housing and health care publications, including the“Assisted Living Executive”, the “National Investment Center’s Key Financial Indicators” and “McKnights Assisted Living” periodical. Moore also writes a nationally syndicated Senior housing and health care column provided directly to Senior living communities and for inclusion in major state association newsletters and periodicals. Moore also publishes a monthly email newsletter that is distributed to industry CEO’s, CFO’s and COO’s.


As a recognized national expert, his courtroom testimony as an expert witness is frequently in demand across the U.S. He has provided expert witness support and testimony in over 60 cases at the local, state and national levels.

His firm, Moore Diversified Services, MDS , is a national leader in conducting broad-based consulting, market research and market feasibility studies in the Seniors housing and health care industries. The firm has pioneered creative market feasibility methodologies and marketing strategies relative to these ever-changing, complex market segments.


Jim has over 45 years of industry experience.  His company, Moore Diversified Services, Inc, has served thousands of national and international clients. Jim’s company conducts market feasibility studies, detailed financial pro forma analysis, strategic planning, operations analysis and investment advisory services. Jim has conducted over 2,000 major Senior housing and health care consulting engagements in over 750 markets in 49 states. He has also conducted over 40 major international consulting engagements in Japan, Australia, China, Canada, Europe, Central America and Mexico.

Interview Questions


  1. You mention six main planning concerns when families are looking into assisted living options for a loved one or thinking about a future need for assisted living for themselves? What are these concerns? (Slide 3)
  2. You say, " The full monthly service fee (shelter, services) may be a tax deductable medical expense above the exclusion of a 7.5% of a Seniors adjusted gross income." For someone who has not thought about this yet, what is the 7.5%? (Slide 4)
  3. Who might be able to qualify to deduct more than the 7.5%?  What is their minimum income? (Slide 4)
  4. What does the IRS say might be included in medical expenses? (Slide 5)
  5. What does IRS define as chronically ill to qualify for the tax deductions? (Slide
  6. What is a typical assisted living service fee?  What do the tax savings add up to depending on the cost of the monthly service fee? (Slide 7)
  7. What might one conclude about financial planning for assisted living? (Slide 8)

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.