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What is the interview schedule?

Live interviews are scheduled two to four times a month. View line-up of speakers: campus.digication.com...

How do I register? 
Please register at least 24 - 48 hours before the interview so we have time to send out the call-in instructions email within 24 hours of the live tele-interviews.  In addition, if you have registered the month of the live interview, you will also receive an email, within a week or two after the live tele-interview, with a link to the audio recording.

How do I earn CEUS?
If you want to earn CEUs, fill out the evaluation form directly after the tele-interview.  The evaluation form is linked to the email sent to you before the live interview with call-in instructions.

Can I ask a question during the Interview?
If you have a question during an interview, press 5* on your phone. You will be called on at an appropriate time during the interview.  You are always welcome questions before the interview to email to info@careerwell.org.

How can I access the activities and questions designed by the tele-interviewees?
Click on speaker's name in Speaker Line-Up (see menu at top of this frame).

When can I receive the call-in information?
An email will be sent to you with the call-in information (phone number to call and PIN) within 24 - 48 hours of each tele-interview.

How can I receive the audio recording of a tele-interview that I might have missed?

When you register each month, you will automatically be put on the list to receive a link to the audio recording of that month. Make sure your browser and Media Player are up-to-date. QuickTime can be downloaded and updated for free.

Who pays for the tele-interviews?

Subscribing organizations, associations, or individuals.

Who pays for long distance calls?
To call into the sessions, listeners are responsibile for any applicable telephone toll charges from their long distance provider.

How do I register for the tele-interviews?
If your organization has subscribed to the Careerwell Tele-Interview series, then click on "REGISTER HERE" and register at the beginning of each month. 

What if my organization has not yet subscribed to the tele-interview series?

Encourage your organization to subscribe to enhance service to members/employees/clients for professional development.  Decision-makers are welcome to call 415.312.4294 or email info @careerwell.org.
Will the tele-interiews be recorded?
Yes, they will be recorded and posted on a website for a brief period of time after the live sessions. Those who register the month of the interview and at least 24 hours before the live interview will automatically receive an email announcing the posting of each audio-taped tele-interview.

How can I access past audio recordings?

Audio recording from past months will be available at a minimal cost to individuals by end of summer 2011.

How can I fill out the evaluation form?

The link to the evaluation form is included in the call-in information that those who registered should receive by email 24 - 48 hours before the tele-interview that you signed up for. The evaluation form includes a statement about your particpation in the tele-interview. If the clickable link does not download the evaluation form, cut and past the clickable link into your browser.Filling in the form requires the free version of Acrobat Reader 8 or higher.


How can organizational decision-makers learn more about subscribing to the tele-interview series?

Send email on Contact Form below.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.