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Featured speakers:  

Debra (Angel) MacDougall & Elisabeth (Harney) Sanders-Park
Thurs., May 28, 10 am Pacific, 11 am Mt, 12 pm Central, 1 pm EST, 6 pm London, 7 pm Zurich, 7 pm Istanbul

Career Development & Job Placement for People with Barriers

Getting hired today is, first and foremost about not getting screened-out, then it’s about getting hired. Here are the facts:


  • 94% of job applicants never meet the person who has the power to hire. And, those with wacky work history, poor education, and obvious barriers go first!
  • Today, 1 in 100 Americans has a criminal offence to explain
  • Over 5 million have disabilities
  • 4 million graduates flood the market each year (many with no real-world work experience), more people than ever are changing fields and careers by choice or by force. Overwhelmingly, these people are hearing “no” from employers.

Download their “Common Screen-Outs” Checklist" and consider if these are true of your clients. MacDougall, & Sanders-Park offer fresh ideas for getting a "yes". Read “4 Keys that Unlock Side Doors.”


In their tele-interview, they will discuss:

  • SCREENOUTS (common ways potential employers screen out job seekers)
  • PADMAN (six areas employers scrutinize to find someone who is an ideal fit for the job in their company)
  • HIDDEN MARKET (how to tap jobs not posted in public places)
  • SIDE DOORS (direct leads to the person with the power to hire)




Debra (Angel) MacDougall and Elisabeth (Harney) Sanders-Park, recognized as experts in employment and career development in the U.S., Australia, England, Scotland and New Zealand, are known for their talent and passion for helping people with significant barriers and those considered “unemployable”. Together, they are the authors of more than 30 career resources, including the highly-acclaimed book No One Is Unemployable, dubbed “the handbook for the welfare to work movement,” by Richard Bolles and Howard Figler in their joint book The Career Developer’s Handbook. They have trained more than 40,000 employment service providers and impacted millions of lives around the globe, and are the recipients of AJST’s Outstanding Contribution to the Field Award.

Debra has received recognition for her inspired and practical response to social issues over the last 25 years, including Outstanding Young Woman presented by the United Nations’ National Council of Women-USA, Ten Outstanding Young Americans presented by the National Jaycees, the National Customer Service Award presented by the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals, and Woman of the Year presented by The Salvation Army. She has been named by Richard Bolles, author of What Color Is Your Parachute?, as one of “six thinkers who have had the most influence on me, over the years…” and she has recently become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce for the UK. She is the Founder and President of WorkNet International, Inc. which assists government and private organizations throughout North America, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom to develop effective career development/job placement programs for individuals with barriers to employment.

Elisabeth is a highly-sought trainer, consultant, keynote speaker, and author who has served and influenced the field of Career Development for nearly 15 years. She is the President of WorkNet Solutions which exists to improve the effectiveness of government and private organizations in the U.S. as they successfully transition people with significant barriers into the workforce. Her customers include workforce development centers, welfare-to-work systems, colleges and universities, addiction treatment programs, vocational training schools, correctional programs, refugee and relocation services, and others. She is a Certified Job & Career Transition Coach, and writes the regular column, "Working with Difficult Clients," for The Career Planning & Adult Development Network newsletter.



Meet Debra (Angel) MacDougall and Elisabeth (Harney) Sanders-Park...


U.S. website: Worknet Solutions

International Website: Worknet International


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  1. On your website, you say that getting hired today is, first and foremost, about not getting screened-out, then it’s about getting hired. What do you mean by that?
  2. How else has the recession impacted not getting screened out?  Isn't it harder than ever not to get screened out?
  3. You mentioned that employers can be more picky, and it’s not just about ability.  If it's not about ability, what is it about?
  4. You said that generic pitches don’t work now. What do you mean by “generic pitches” and why don’t they work now if they worked before?
  5. How do people who are being forced to change fields or enter a new field prove they can do the job without examples they can draw on?
  6. You said that employer hesitate to advertise in the Open Market. Are you suggesting that we have not lost as many jobs as it appears on the surface?
  7.  You mentioned Side Doors,   What are they and can you describe some Side Doors?


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This is Dr. Sally Gelardin with Careerwell Tele-Interviews.  Welcome listeners and welcome Debra (Angel) MacDougall and Elisabeth (Harney) Sanders-Park. Debra and Elisabeth are known for their talent and passion for helping people with significant barriers. They are authors of No One Is Unemployable, dubbed “the handbook for the welfare to work movement,” by Richard Bolles and Howard Figler.  This is the first time we've had two speakers who are partners across an ocean. Through WorkNet International, Inc.,  they exemplify what last month's speaker, Rich Feller, called for — global alliances.


In today's tele-interview, this international career duo will talk about first not getting screened out, then getting hired. 


For more information on their topic, go to careerwell.org and click on their names in the left menu.

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Thank you Elisabeth and Debra...

Listeners, be sure to register next month for Nancy Anderson, who will speak on June 11 and Dan Pink, on June 25. Nancy talks to mid and later life workers about it's never too late to meet your full potential and making the money you need. Dan Pink shares insights to pass on to young people such as talent being ovrerrated and that there is no plan. Register at careerwell.org and fill out the evaluation form linked on your call-in email.


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