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Carmen Croonquist

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Thursday, September 23, 10 am Pacific, 11 am Mountain, Noon Central, 1 pm EST, 2 pm Atlantic, 7 pm Zurich, 8 pm Istanbul

Positive Psychology: A Recipe for Happiness for the Helping Professional

The current economic situation has produced a new level of demand for career counseling services. Due to tighter budgets, resources and staffing may not be keeping pace with burgeoning caseloads. Many counselors are inundated with clients who are coming to terms with fear, uncertainty, frustration, and grief. At times it can become easy to feel disempowered, stressed, and discouraged with the multitude of issues that arise. Using thought games, humor, and inspiration, participants in this presentation will learn strategies for relieving stress at work – and construct their own recipe for maintaining positivity and wellness.  The result:  counselors who feel happier and lighter are more focused, connected, and effective with their clients – and can help boost overall workplace morale!

Activity #1:  Anchoring
Think about the last time you had a really good belly laugh. What was it about? Describe the feeling you experienced.

Activity #2: T-Tool 

Pick an area of your life that is dragging you down the most… it could be your job, a situation at work, a relationship, or anything else.  Draw a line down the middle of the page. On the left side column, list everything you don’t want or like about the situation.  We shall complete the rest of this activity during the tele-interview.


With over 21 years of experience, Carmen Croonquist is a leader, coach, and public speaker.  Prior to starting her coaching business, Career Currency Coaching & Consulting Services, Ms. Croonquist served as the Director of Career Services for the University of Wisconsin-River Falls for 14 years and as an adjunct faculty member at Adler Graduate School and Century College in the Twin Cities.  A pioneer in the area of career portfolios, she was referenced by Richard Bolles in the 2007 and 2008 editions of “What Color is Your Parachute?” as a thought leader in the arena of utilizing portfolios for career enhancement and personal branding.  Carmen’s work in this area led to keynote presentations for career counseling conferences in Iceland and Sweden. Carmen is the 2010-11 President of the Minnesota Career Development Association and recipient of the Minnesota Career Development Association’s Jules Kerlan Lifetime Achievement Award & the Marty Dockman Merit Award for Excellence.

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Opening Instructions for Listeners

Before we begin, here are a few instructions for listeners:

  • If you have a question, press 5* on your phone.
  • Directly after the interview, be sure to fill out the evaluation linked to your call-in instructions, especially if you want to earn CEUs. 
  • Please register at least 24 - 48 hours before the interview so we have time to send out the call-in information.
  • If you'd like to listen to more of these tele-interviews, and your organization is not currently a subscriber, contact me with someone I can talk with about subscribing your organization so you can listen for free (except for the cost of your distance provider). Email info@ careerwell.org or call 415.312.4294.


This is Dr. Sally Gelardin with Careerwell Tele-Interviews.  Over the years, in all my contact with our speaker today, Carmen Croonquist, I have found her to be a very inspirational, uplifting person.  She makes people feel good, whether she is presenting a keynote address, a workshop, or just talking one-to-one on the phone or at a career conference. She is very popular with her colleagues, earning awards, referenced by Richard Bolles as a thought leader in using portfolios, and currently serving as president of the Minnesota Career Development Association.  I have never seen her lose her temper and she both takes and gives suggestions in a very positive way. I can't wait to hear what she has to say about moving out of the doldroms at work or home.  From the number of registrants for this interview, I'm sure listeners are also waiting eagerly for Carmen's words of wisdom. As Carmen wrote in her topic blurb: 

 Many counselors are inundated with clients who are coming to terms with fear, uncertainty, frustration, and grief. At times it can become easy to feel disempowered, stressed, and discouraged with the multitude of issues that arise."  I'm sure most career practitioners can identify with that statement, including you and me.  In this interview, Carmen will discuss how we can cope with the angst of our clients and with our own anst.

Welcome Carmen Croonquist!


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Interview Questions

  1. How did you get to be so positive?  Did your family influence you? If so, how?
  2. What are your basic beliefs on how you help people?
  3. What is Positive Psychology and how did you get interested in it?
  4.  How can you help yourself and others manage their mindset? (SLIDE 8 and SLIDES 18-19 )
  5. Could you give us a little exercise to do to apply your positive psychology concepts? (SLIDES 9 -10)
  6. You mention in SLIDE 14 thought games, humor and inspiration.  Would you elaborate on that? (SLIDE 14)
  7. You wrote about eliminating what no longer serves you.  How do you do that? (SLIDE 20) grandpa's story
  8. What if the person remains angry throughout one or more career advising session?
  9. What other strategies can you share that will help people be more positive in their work and life? (SLIDES 23 -  30).
  10. As we end, could you share with us your recipe exercise for happiness?  (SLIDE 31) + poem


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Thank you Carmen, for brightening up our day and giving us a taste of activities we can do to energize ourselves, as well as our clients.  I look forward to hearing more from you in the area of Positive Psychology.


Our last speaker of the month, Jim Sampson, is a master at setting up career programs globally.  He wrote a state-of-the-art monograph for the National Career Development Association on planning and implementing career programs and provides a wealth of resources on his Careerwell page.  Please join us on September 30 to listen to Jim explain how to set up a comprehensive career program.


Then next month, we have a steller line-up of speakers

  • 10/7/10 Jaqueline Jansen and Marylyn Geary, LeaveLight in the Workplace: Benefits of Life-Enhancing Practices to Employers, Employees, and Self-Employed
  • 10/14/10 Dick Gaither, Breaking the Chains of a Felony Conviction
  • 10/21/10 Vic Massaglia, Technology for Career Counselors
  • 10/28/10 Joan Marques, Passionate Women Entrepreneurs:  Creating an Internal Locus of Control  

Until next week, this is Dr. Sally Gelardin with Careerwell Tele-interviews.

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