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 Join Dr. Alma Flor Ada at WoodPark,

an AgeSong Inspirted Community


Sharing Family Stories

"Live Well, Laugh Well, and Love with All Your Heart"


Wednesday, July 17, 2013,

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

WoodPark Care

3121 Fruitvale Avenue

Oakland, California 94602

Licence Number #01560138.

RSVP Mindy, 510-842-3192

 Dr. Alma Flor Ada is an internationally renowned author of over 200 books for children (of all ages), including six biographies of family members. Discover how to document the lives of members of your family with this compassionate, creative author/educator, who has taught thousands of students how to celebrate multicultural heritage through the written word and other media.


WoodPark — An Inspired AgeSong Community | 3121 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland, CA 94602 | 510-842-3192 Licence #015601384

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Alma Flor Ada, Professor Emerita at the University of San Francisco, has devoted her life to advocacy for peace by promoting a pedagogy oriented to personal reaization and social justice. A former Radcliffe Scholar at Harvard University and Fulbright Research Scholar, she is an internationally re-known speaker and the author of numerous children’s books of poetry, narrative, folklore and nonfiction. Her books have received prestigious awards; among many: Christopher Medal (The Gold Coin), Pura Bel pré Medal (Under the Royal Palms), Once Upon a World (Gathering the Sun), Parents’ Choice Honor (Dear Peter Rabbit), NCSS and CBC Notable Book (My Name is María Isabel). She is also the author of a book of memoirs,  several professional books for educators,  as well as a wealth of educational materials. Alma Flor Ada has been awarded the American Education Research Association [AERA] Hispanic Issues Award for Research in Elementary, Secondary and Post secondary Education and the California Association for Bilingual Education [CABE] Life Long Award.




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Interview Questions


1. How did you get started writing children's books?

2. When did you start writing biographies?  Who was your first biography about?

3. How many biographies have you written?

4.Why do you write biographies?

5. What do you like about biographies for yourself?

6. How do you go about writing a biography?

7. Do you plan on writing more biographies?

8.  Who do you want to write about next?

9. What other ways are there for people to tell their stories besides writing (i.e., alphabet book, poetry, ..)

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Interviewer's Note

Career covers the lifespan. Career is "the time extended working out of a purposeful life pattern through work undertaken by that person" (Reardon, Lenz, Sampson, & Peterson, 2009).  According to Sears (1982), career development is the total constellation of economic, sociological, psychological, educational, physical, and chance factors that combine to shape one's career. Career is a course or passage through life. Alma Flor Ada exemplifies the confluence of these career dimensions in both her professional and personal life. She is an world-renown author, educator, and speaker, with a focus on multicultural children's literature. Children (of all ages) who experience her stories (and who tell their own stories) develop a sense of self that enhances their lifelong career development.

Sally D. Gelardin

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