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Jim Bright

September 10, 2009, 5 pm Pacific, 6 pm Mountain, 7 pm Central, 8 pm EST, Morning September 11, Australia (10 am Sydney)


Shiftwork, The Work That You Have To Do in a Constantly Shifting and Changing Environment

Great jazz musicians continually improvise, re-interpret and reinvent to produce music that is fresh, vibrant and combines pattern and surprise. Successfully navigating personal or corporate change requires the same skills.

 Jim Bright




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Chaos Theory of Careers

Jim is the co-creator of the Chaos Theory of Careers - a theory of career development that explicitly emphasises the unpredictable, complex and ever changing nature of career development as experienced by individuals.  Within this framework the global financial crisis can be seen in terms of inappropriate and over-confident reliance on long-term predictions of the outcomes of the economic system. 

World Interdependence

The reality is that our economic and hence career development world is highly complex and now interdependent. We live in an age that is so interconnected that when an editor at the Chicago Tribune mistakenly re-printed a six year old story from the Florida Sun Sentinel last September, United Airlines stock price plummeted 76% the same morning before trading was halted.  In the cold war, two men had their fingers on "the button." In today's economy, almost anybody in the complex interconnected system has a potential finger on the button.  In the last 12 months career plans, retirement plans, and business plans have been shredded.  As Dwight Eisenhower said, "in war plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." 

Continual Re-Invention

We need to assist our clients (or ourselves) develop a mindset of continual re-invention, and recognise that stability paradoxically comes from continual change and sometimes that change will be unpredictable, disproportional, sometimes painful and sometimes fabulous. 

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Jim was Keynote Speaker at the following 2009 EVENTs:


April 15 - 17, 2009, Career Development Association of Australia, Melbourne


July 1-3, 2009, National Career Development Association Conference, St. Louis, MO.




Read articles by Jim Bright and Robert. G.L. Pryor:

Shiftwork:  A Chaos Theory of Careers Agenda for Change in Career Counseling.

(Australian Journal of Career Development Volume 17, Number 3, Spring 2008)

Shift Happens

(Keynote Presentation to the Australian Association of Career Counsellors Annual Conference, Hobart, Australia, March 2008)

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View Jim Bright's New Web Movie/Slide Show

"Chaos and Creativity"

(Music by James Morrison, famous jazz musician)


OK you  wanted resources and I do believe I have over-delivered. I have just spent the last 3 days composing and editing an entirely new web movie/ slide show on Chaos and Creativity to compliment our interview. Your listeners will be the first to see it and have permission to download it and use it in their work! How about that!  It lasts for about 7 minutes and I reckon it is pretty cool! It covers a lot of the points we'll be covering in the interview.

Jim Bright


Here's how to get Jim Bright's New Movie/Slide Show on "Chaos & Creativity"...

Click HERE: http://bit.ly/3f62Ka

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More FREE Resources


Hi Sally,

Here is another resource that will be available for a short while to Careerwell listeners. It is a 20 item on-line checklist called the Exploring Chaos Reality Checklist.  It is a useful tool to get people oriented to change and uncertainty in their lives and careers by acknowledging in their own lives.  I hope people find it interesting and useful, and please do email me with feedback, comments etc. at


Go to www.jimbright.com...

you have to register here and then the test is free to take and there is a printable report and an emailed feedback too.

Today was fun, I hope the listeners enjoyed it.  Thanks for the enormous amount of your time and effort you have put into helping our community with this resource, I appreciate your work.



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This is Dr. Sally Gelardin with Careerwell Tele-Interview.  Our guest speaker today is Jim Bright, a world authority in organizational psychology and carer development. He is co-creator of the Chaos Theory of careers, a model that recognized the complexity and ongoing change that is inherent in modern work. He is author of 9 best-selling career development books that have been published in 13 countries.


Jim, I was sort of in a state of chaos as I tried to upload your movie to your page on the Careerwell website. I had to contact the owner of the Digication web platform who sent me to another web platform that is still uploading the video, which I can then imbed on your Careerwell website.  Dealing with technology is one of the requirements of the modern worker.  Any suggestions on how to approach this challenge with equanimity?

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Interview Questions


1. You are one of the most creative career professionals I know.  You have a blog, you produce career games, card sorts, and books, you discuss chaos in your keynote presentations around the world.  What are the origins of your creativity?  Were you born that way? How did  you become so creative?

2. The world economy is in chaos.  What is your chaos theory and how can it explain the global financial crisis?

3.  You said, "Great jazz musicians continually improvise, re-interpret and reinvent to produce music that is fresh, vibrant and combines pattern and surprise. Successfully navigating personal or corporate change requires the same skills."


What kinds of skills/traits/values does a person need to maneuver through the constantly shifting work scene?

4. I discussed your shiftworker characteristics in my career and caregiving monograph, published by NCDA this year,  because I think the "shadow workforce" of working caregivers have to be especially skilled in managing unpredictability and change. What kinds of tools would you suggest that caregivers and shiftworkers use?


5. What about college students?  How can they deal with not finding a job in the career of their dreams when they graduate from college?


6. I understand that your office is in a factory building owned by James Morrison, the famous jazz trumpet player. How does James Morrison and  jazz music relate to your chaos theory and shiftwork? Could you play a bit of his music at some point during this interview to illustrate your point? (play music and offer a brief career activity of something to think about)

7. Your working relationship with James Morrison, who is in an entirely different profession from you is an example of your belief in collaboration. How would you suggest we make the Careerwell tele-interviews available to audiences like the Australia career professionals, when most of our tele-interviews are conducted in the middle of the night Australia time?

7. Well, Jim, you have certainly demonstrated your versatility, ability to change gears quickly, during this interview.  Could you offer listeners a few summary tips on how to move through a constantly shifting and changing environment?

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Thank you Jim Bright and thank you listeners.  This is Dr. Sally Gelardin with Careerwell Tele-Interviews.


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