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  Jeffrey Yan
July 16, 2009

Social Media Sites are Exploding.  So Why Create an e-Portfolio?

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With the explosion of social media today through sites like MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, information about our lives and our identity can become fragmented and information can be misrepresented. Using e-Portfolios you can clearly and professionally show the world who you are and what you do. You can create an authentic life-long and life-wide portrait of your interests, achievements, and experiences using a variety of different multi-media such as images, video, and audio.  Through an e-Portfolio you can leverage other areas of your social circle and professional network while recording valuable information about your learning process and discoveries over time. In this interview, Jeffrey Yan, founder of one of the leading e-Portfolio software company, will talk about how to manage your online identity using e-Portfolios and other social networking tools.

Exercise: Managing Your Online Identity

1. Google yourself - your employers do, shouldn't you?
Find out what prospective and current employers may be learning about you online through search engines like Google and social sites like MySpace, Facebook, etc  What kind of social identity do you currently have? Is it accurate? How would you like to change it? What kind of information about yourself do you wish employers could find if they Googled you?

2. Plan on building an e-Portfolio (for those who are not famiiar, think of it as a personal website).
Identify 3-5 main sections and sub sections of an e-Portfolio that would be an authentic representation of yourself.  Think about how you could best organize and present information about yourself for the world to see.

 Jeffrey Yan is the originator of the Web platform that houses the Careerwell tele-interviews. Digication is an award winning e-Portfolio and Assessment Management System for educational institutions. Digication currently supports tens of thousands of users at over 2,000 K-12 and higher educational institutions nationally.



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This is Dr. Sally Gelardin with Careerwell Tele-Interviews.  Our guest speaker today is Jeffrey Yann. Jeff is the originator of the Web platform that houses the Careerwell tele-interviews and that supports tens of thousands of users at over 2,000 K-12 and higher educational institutions nationally. Jeff is going to talk today about the value of e-portfolios and how e-portfolios compare to other social media like MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Welcome Jeff!


Before we begin, I would like to remind listeners to press 5* if you have a question. Another reminder – fill out your evaluation form that was linked to your call-in instructions, especially those who would like me CEU verification.


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1. What is the difference between an e-portfolio and a blog?

2. Why would a career professional, students, or workers in transition want to set up an e-portfolio rather than a blog?

3. Would one want to set up an e-portfolio in conjunction with a blog?  If so, why?

3. What inspired you to create an e-Portfolio platform and why is Digication special?

4. How could Digication benefit counselors, career educators, and career practitioners?

5. Does Digication have social networking features?  If so, what social networking features does it have and how could one access them?

6. Could you take us on a tour of the Digication e-portfolio system?  Can you show us how one can set up an e-portfolio?

7. Summary

8. If listeners wanted to set up an e-portfolio on Digication, how could they get on the platform?

9. Questions



Ending Remarks


Jeffrey Yan has generously made the video of this tele-interview available to registrants later. Jeff, will you make available to me a link that I can share with registrants?  Thank you Jeffrey Yan for sharing your e-portfolio and social networking wealth of experience and technical expertise today. 


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