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Linda Spector


Thursday, June 13, 2013, 8:00 am Pacific; 9:00 pm Mountain; 10 am Central; 11:00 am EDT; 12:00 pm Atlantic

Facilitating "Imagination Workshops" with Elders

We spend time and money to feed, house, and clothe our frail, elderly, and disabled, but their imaginations are relegated to watching television or their view from a window. Linda Spector demonstrates a different way of being with elders.




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Before we begin, here are a few instructions for listeners:

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This is Dr. Sally Gelardin with Careerwell Tele-Interviews.  Our speaker today, Linda Spector, has many talents.

Interview Questions

1. Richard Bolles, author of What Color Is Your Parachute, the best selling career book of all time, says that the best kind of work is when you fill a need of society doing something you love to do.  What need of society do you fill doing something you love to do? 

2. What is the population you work with?  Why do you work with that population?

3. I understand you have a unique way of being with elders.  What do you do?

4. How do you get them to use their imagination?

5. How would you  work with a group with major memory loss?

I might touch one or another if I feel that is necessary. 

6. How would you touch them?

7.   What is your background that is valuable in working with elders?

8.  I understand your have been closely involved in StageBridge.  Could you tell us about StageBridge, how you became involved with StageBridge, and
how you contributed to that organization?

9.  What do you like about working with elders?


Upcoming Speaker


Alma Flor Ada, July 3, 2013,  Dr. Alma Flor Ada, Sharing Family Stories:Live Well, Laugh Well, and Love with All Your Heart, https://campus.digication.com/careerwell/Alma_Flor_Ada

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