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Linda Sollars

 Thursday, May 27, 2010, 10 am Pacific, 11 am Mountain, 12 pm Central, 1 pm EST,  2 pm Atlantic, 7 pm Zurich, 8 pm Istanbul

Defining Your Personal Brand to Overcome Intergenerational Barriers for Job Search and Workplace Effectiveness 


Personal branding has to do with connecting your strengths, including your intrinsic and learned skills, and motivations with needs of potential employers/clients. You can overcome intergenerational barriers by finding commonalities (fitting in) within and between generation, and articulating your unique strenths (standing out).



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 Personal Branding: Overcoming Generational Barriers


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Exercise: Branding Your Character Strengths

Do this exercise before the interview, in a group, if possible.

Open the link to Character Strengths under Handouts, below. Read through and select your four top character strengths. Write these four strengths on a  post-it note. Do not write your name on the note. If you are in a group, put your folded post-it note on the table and mix them up.  Each person picks a folded note, make sure it's not your own. Select someone to open the note, read the four strengths and say something about the person with those strengths. Answer the following questions:


  • Would you like to work with a person who has those strengths?
  • If so, why? 

If you are only by yourself doing this exercise, listen to the strengths of someone else on the tele-interview who has picked up a folded note from someone in his or her group. Tell the listeners on this tele-interview something about the person who listed these strengths.  What do you feel is valid?  How does the person who wrote these strengths feel about hearing feedback? Be prepared to discuss during the interview.

Creating Purpose Presentations and Handouts

(If you would like to use this material, please contact Linda Sollars, linda @creatingpurpose.com.) 

More Resources...


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Linda Sollars, founder of Creating Purpose, LLC, brings 25 years of corporate marketing and brand development expertise to her focus on intergenerational teams and instructional design, as well as personal branding for life satisfaction and career success.  

Linda provides workshops and seminars on intergenerational barriers in the workplace, the emotional components of job loss, and the job readiness skills necessary to make successful career transitions.  She carries the Instructor Certification as a Global Career Development Facilitator through NCDA and teaches CDF classes in the community.

She has been a featured panelist on CBS, Channel 4 in Denver, Beating the Recession, a keynote speaker for the Colorado Career Development Association, American Bar Association Legal Marketing, Colorado Press Women annual conference, as well as presenting at the National Career Development Association Conference in San Francisco in 2010.  Linda has also been a featured presenter at multiple networking events throughout the Front Range, such as Headhunters Roundtable and Red, Hot, and Hired.

Linda holds a Master of Art degree in Adult Development with advanced certifications in leadership coaching and training and development. She is an Affiliate Professor in the Master of Arts program, focused on psychology, leadership coaching, and career development at Regis University in Denver.



Linda Sollars
linda@ creatingpurpose.com



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Opening Instructions for Listeners

Before we begin, here are a few instructions for listeners:

  • If you have a question, press 5* on your phone.
  • Directly after the interview, be sure to fill out the evaluation linked to your call-in instructions, especially if you want to earn CEUs. 
  • Please register at least 24 - 48 hours before the interview so we have time to send out the call-in information.
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Introduction to Linds Sollars

This is Dr. Sally Gelardin with Careerwell Tele-Interviews. Our guest today, Linda Sollars, brings 25 years of corporate marketing and brand development expertise to her focus on intergenerational teams and instructional design, as well as personal branding for life satisfaction and career success.  She is a CDF Instructor and has been a featured panelist on CBS and other media and a keynote speaker at career conferences. Linda is an Affiliate Professor at Regis University in Denver.
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Interview Questions


  1. Linda, how did you come across the phrase "personal branding."  For a career development specialist, this sounds a bit slick. 
  2. What is personal branding and what is the value of personal branding?
  3. How does personal branding relate to getting or retaining a job?
  4. What happens when you apply for a position?
  5. How does your personal brand play out in the interview?
  6. Where do generations come into personal branding, specifically in interview process and workplace affiliation?
  7. What if you are a career professional and your job has been eliminated?  How can you use personal branding and generational strengths combined to create your next position?
  8. How are the four personal branding components unique to members of each generation?
  9. How do we bring your personal brand and your generational uniqueness together for an effective workplace and job search? (use exercise as example)
  10. What are the challenges in communication between the generations and how do we overcome them?
  11. Can you summarize this so we have three quick points that we can relate to?



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Thank you Linda. It's great to learn from a career professional who has decades of marketing, as well as career experience!


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  • June 10, 2010, Edward Voris, Nader Robert Shabahangi, Patrick Fox, will discuss Attitudinal Expansion and Openness to the Diversity that Surrounds Us:  Lessons from Alzheimer's Disease. Edward Voris,  worked in construction industry and affordable housing before he became afflicted with Alzheimers; Nader Robert Shabahani, licensed psychotherapist and author, founded the Pacific Institute and AgeSong assisted living communities; Patrick Fox is a professor of Medical Sociology and Health Policy, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Co-Director of the Institute for Health & Aging at the University of California, San Francisco.


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Listener Comments


I thought she gave an excellent overview of the four generations  in the workplace... how they differ (generally) and how they can  help each other  and the  organization by learning from one another and coplementing one another in terms of communication styles  and/or strategies.... ex.some may be more analytical and and other  may be more interested in implementation. GB

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