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 Deneen Pennington


Melanie Reinersman



Thursday, May 12, 2011, 10 am Pacific, 11 am Mountain, Noon Central, 1 pm EST,  6 pm Zurich, 7 pm Istanbul

Providing Professional Career Development, Resources, Standards, Scientific Research, and Advocacy


The National Career Development Association (NCDA) inspires and empowers the achievement of career and life goals by providing professional development, resources, standards, scientific research, and advocacy. As the leading career association, NCDA strives to provide quality resources for its members and the public at large.  Join us in hearing what NCDA can provide for you!



Deneen Pennington is the Executive Director of the National Career Development Association and owner of Creative Management Alliance Inc., an association management firm located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Pennington earned her Master’s of Science in Human Resource Development from the Oklahoma State University and is a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP).  Her company provides the management services for NCDA.





Melanie Reinersman has been the Editor of the NCDA Website since 2002.  In 2003, she created and began serving as editor of Career Convergence, NCDA's Web Magazine.  From 2007 to 2010 she was editor of NCDA's quarterly publication for members, Career Developments.  Prior to her work with NCDA, she was a career counselor in higher ed.  Her master's degree in Counseling Psychology is from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.




Melanie Reinersman

Website Magazine Editor





Questions for Listeners

  1. Have you ever submitted an article to Career Convergence?  If so, how many?
  2. What categories of career resources are on the NCDA website?
  3. What guidelines are on the NCDA website?
  4. What topics are featured in the  NCDA Journal?
  5. How does the Journal differ from the monthly magazine?
  6. Have you ever volunteered for a professional career development organization?  If so, which one and in what capacities?
  7. What NCDA publications interest you?  Which have you read?  Which would you like to read?
  8. Any topics that you would like to hear more about?
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Before we begin, here are a few instructions for listeners:

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This is Dr. Sally Gelardin, with Careerwell Tele-Interviews. Our speakers today, Deneen Pennington and Melanie Reinerson, are going to talk about how and why the National Career Development Association provides professional career development, resources, standards, scientific research, and advocacy. Deneen is the Executive Director of NCDA and Melanie is the Editor of the NCDA website.


First, a personal testimonial to the value of professional assoications.


I've  been an active member of NCDA for over 15 years. Mark Pope, then president of NCDA, recruited me, as a Master's in Counseling student in his career class,  to monitor a free career advising table at NCDA's annual conference.  At the conference, I was immediately approached by California Career Development Association officers, to become active in that organization, which eventually led to my becoming President of CCDA. Since then, I have written numerous articles for NCDA's online and hard copy publications and two monographs, served on committees and chaired a committee, taken several NCDA training programs, and attended most of the conferences. That's my personal testimonial to the value of professional organizations. 


Now I'd like to welcome Deneen and Melanie and let them guide you through the features of this robust national association. Here's my first question...


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Interview Questions

    1. What is NCDA?  What is its mission and history? Deneen answers
    2. What does NCDA do for professional development? Deneen first, then Melanie and back to Deneen, then back to Melanie.
    3. What kinds of resources are available through NCDA? Melanie answers.
    4. What is the differences between Career Convergence, Career Developments magazine for members, and the Career Development Quarterly, the journal? Deneen answers.
    5. How can viewers participate in the publications, particularly Career Convergence? Melanie answers
    6. What standards or guidelines does NCDA promote? How do these guidelines relate to the federal government guidelines? Deneen answers, then Melanie.
    7. How and why should listeners become involved in NCDA? How does NCDA differ from other career development associations? Where's a good place to start? Deneen answers, then Melanie
    8. How does NCDA collaborate with other career organizations? Deneen answers
    9. How does one become a member of NCDA? What are the different categories of membership?  What are benefits of NCDA membership? Deneen answers then Melanie
    10. How can one find a career counselor or career development professional on the NCDA website? Melanie answers
    11. How does NCDA advocate for career professionals and the field of career development? Deneen answers
    12. What additional networking opportunities exist? Deneen answers, then Melanie
    13. How is NCDA administered? Deneen answers then Melanie
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      Thank you, Deneen and Melanie, for guiding us through the rich offerings of NCDA.


      Upcoming May Interviews


      • 5/19/11 Mario Velo.  Mario is Director of Member Services for HACE (Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement), an organization of 40,000 members. He will talk about " Building a Pipeline of Latino Professionals from Highschool on Up."
      • 5/26/11 Marci Alboher. Marci is VP of Civic Ventures, Encore Careers, a think tank of boomers, work and social purpose, the group that Marc Freedman is president of. She is also a former NY Times columnist and blogger.  She will discuss, " Are You Ready for Your Encore?"
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