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Bill Fenson 

Thursday, April 12, 2012, 8:00 am Pacific, 9:00 am Mountain, 10:00 am Central, 11:00 am EST, 12:00 pm Atlantic, 5:00 pm Zurich, 6:00 pm Istanbul, Dubai 8:00 pm

Personal, Prolonged, and Proactive Career Transition Support


Career Transition, Assessments, and Individual Action Plans are keys to success with all clients.  The discussion will target on what’s happening to careers today, with a focus on the following key areas:


  • Workplace Wellness – are we able to be productive at work with all the distractions of today?
  • Trends of Job Openings versus the Training of the Workforce – are we meeting the needs of employers?
  • Systematic De-motivators of the Social Support Systems in our communities – why work?

The Wounded Warrior Careers Demonstration has been collecting data on how to best serve injured veterans for the past five years.  It is a program of the National Organization on Disability, which has been in operation for 30 years.  


Over the past 20 years, Bill Fenson has served thousands of individuals with career development, employment counseling, career alignment, and small business success. Bill has relocated to Texas from upstate New York, where he started The Skills Emporium, LLC, a private career consulting practice. He is a published author of a research book, Implementing and Managing Telework: A Guide for Those Who Make It Happen. Bill is a past president of the National Employment Counseling Association and holds a Master of Science in Career and Human Resources Development



  1. Practice wellness in your own work.  
  2. Keep Track of Trends in the Labor Market (find trustworthy sources)
  3. O*net  Http://online.onetcenter.org  (new updates regularly)  Occupational Outlook Handbook Online.
  4. Be sympathetic to Clients’ roadblocks to success.


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is Dr. Sally Gelardin with Careerwell Tele-Interviews. Twenty-two years ago Bill Fenson earned a MS in Career and HR Development.  Seven years later he started his own full-time private practice offering career services and then formed The Skills Emporium LLC.  While operating this business, he contracted part time to a top 10 company, co-authored a research book on how to implment and manage telework, and served as president of the National Employment Counseling Association. Welcome Bill Fenson!


Interview Questions


  1. Bill, you have all the characteristis of an entrepreneur! Whenever I attended your workshops at conferences, you were always on the cutting edge of technology. What other entrepreneurial talents do you have?
  2. Yet, I understand you are now an "entrepreneur", as Dick Knowdell says, working with The National Organization on Disability. What are you doing with that organization?
  3. How did you get involved with that organization?
  4. What is Wounded Warrior Careers (helping the most severely injured veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to move forward on career paths)?  What role are you playing in this program?
  5. What's happening in careers today?
  6. Are we able to be productive at work with all the distractions of today?  How can we maintain wellness in the workplace?
  7. Are we meeting the needs of employers? What are the trends of job openings versus the training of the workforce?

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