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Thursday, January 19, 2012, 10:30 am Pacific, 11:30 am Mountain, 12:30 pm Central, 1:30 pm EST, 2:30 pm Atlantic, 6:30 pm Zurich, 7:30 pm Istanbul


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Beverly E. Cunningham




I am a mother of two young women and I have never been married.   I have found, during my journey through this wonderful yet complicated life, that "truth" is a richness which we should never be ashamed of affiliating with.   Sometimes it hurts, but the pain is a stepping stone to a desirable "integrity." 
I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, in a lower-middle class neighborhood by a mother very rich in an over-abundance of love and determination.  Early on, my goals were misdirected; be prosperous and have all the "things" life has to offer.   Even with my accomplishments of position, monetary possessions, etc.,   I found myself in the midst of "nothingness," my spirit overtaxed and empty.
I moved to Orange Country about 20 years ago to give my children (at that time), a better education and life.  The overcoming of  tumultuous trials brought me more joy than any worldly wealth. I am displaced, yet perfectly situated!   I love people with such a powerful spiritual fiber that I no longer see with the eyes of my body, but with the eyes of my soul.  What I want in life is to never forget my journey into despair; to take away from it the goodness and victory of deliverance, to toss into the waste receptacle those things which mean me no good - baggage, strife, etc...I shall soar from my past and into my future. My professional experience has been in the communication field; McDonnell Douglas, Hughes Aircraft (military computers), export/import, job pacements programs...my heart’s desire has always been (since 9 years of age) in composing poetry.

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Introduction by Barbara Kiernan


After Martha Boesing “Honored the Homeless” on December 22nd, as part of the Careerwell Tele-interview Series, I was inspired to volunteer at a shelter for the homeless on Christmas Day. That is where my fiancé, Ron Lokk, and I had the privilege to meet Beverly Cunningham, a woman with a big heart and tremendous talent.  

As you will see in this video created by Ron Lokk, she is a gifted poetess who stirs emotions and leaves a lasting impression.  Her presentation of  “Back Forward” is particularly moving and insightful, which is why I asked Sally Gelardin to share it with you.

Beverly lives at the Isaiah House in Santa Ana, California, and is in transition to a wonderful new life!  She can be reached at:  "mailto:beverly11151955@yahoo.com.You can view more of her poetry readings on YouTube, at RonLokk.  (ASAP, all of her videos will be transferred to her own “Channel” on YouTube.)

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Welcome Beverly.


1. One of our greatest fears is being homeless.  That's why many people pursue and take whatever job they can, even throughout their whole life, and try to hang onto it, even if they can't stand the work.  Having been in the communication field; McDonnell Douglas, Hughes Aircraft (military computers), export/import, and job pacements programs, how did you become homeless?

2. What's it like being homeless?

3. Do you see yourself ever moving beyond being homeless?

4. Is poetry is your most highly motivated skill? How are you using that skill?

5. What are your other motivated skills? Public speaking? Storytelling?

6. Where do you see yourself using your motivated skills in the future?

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