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Carol McClelland, PhD


Green Careers for Dummies

January 14, 2010, 5 pm Pacific, 6 pm Mountain, 7 pm Central, 8 pm EST, morning January 15 Australia


Carol McClelland takes the mystery out of the green economy for job seekers, career seekers, and career counselors. She is author of Your Dream Career For Dummies and Green Careers For Dummies (January, 2010). Carol is founder and executive director of Green Career Central, a subscription-based membership site with resources and tools to help green career seekers discover their green niche, research their options, and take action to reach their green career goal.

In our conversation with Carol, she'll share insights to help you expand your understanding of the green economy, introduce you to green careers for a wide range of clients, and provide a preview of her new book, Green Careers for Dummies.

Special Bonus!
Download the “What You Need to Know about Green Careers” PowerPoint Presentation and script you can use in your work with clients and students.www.greencareercentral.com...

Link to the Green Economy Map
: www.greencareercentral.com .


 View the PowerPoint presentation and Green Economy Map to discover answers to these discussion points:

  1. Understanding how industries, companies, and jobs are striving to Improve the Environment can expand how you and your clients think about green career possibilities
  2. Explore how Green goals interact with terms such as Triple Bottom Line, Sustainable, and Clean
  3. Study the Green Economy Map to discover where your clients’ skills, education, and experience can contribute to the green economy
  4. Discover how all of the green sectors and industries interact and influence one another.
  5. Brainstorm which green industries are likely to become established in your region. If it’s not clear yet, notice what signs you can watch for as the green economy continues to unfold.
  6. Remember green jobs aren’t just in start up companies. They exist in every kind of organization. Explore the list in the presentation.
  7. The green economy isn’t like the traditional economy. You and your clients/students must understand the differences so that you’ll know how to take advantage of the opportunities.


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Carol McClelland, PhD, author of Green Careers For Dummies, is one of the nation’s leading green career experts. As the founder and executive director of Green Career Central, Carol is driven by three passions: guiding people to discover fulfilling careers aligned with their values, learning about innovations that enable people to live, work, and play more sustainably, and marveling at the inspiring wisdom of nature.  Green Career Central is an online resource center that provides career guidance, coaching, resources, and training to clarify the ever-evolving world of green career possibilities for career development professionals who must become familiar with the new economy to guide their clients, students who are committed to starting their careers with a green focus, and professionals who want to change careers or find a way to use their existing skills within the green economy. For more information, see: www.greencareercentral.com

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Terry Olesen, Interviewer

Terry Olesen, Senior Coach and founder of Life Path Counselling & Career Services, offers life transitions coaching and career guidance to  men and women, young and old, who wish to regain their sense of passion and direction in life. Terry brings over 25 years experience in career planning, resume construction and education.  Terry is a qualified Workplace Assessor/Trainer at Certificate Level IV (recognised nationally) and is a registered Psychologist in W.A. (#2242).  He is a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia. Terry is finishing a doctorate in Community Psychology at Edith Cowan on the topic of displaced workers and how they adapt to family demands and labour market conditions.  Website: http://www.lifepathdesign.com .

Interview Questions

1. How did you, Carol, get involved in Career Coaching/Advising/Consulting (your personal story)?
2. How do you define green jobs?

3. How is the green economy different from the traditional economy?

4. Isn't Green Careers just a fashionable trendy topic that is hot and sellable to counseling clients; therefore shouldn't we as career professionals be cautious and not OVERSELL these careers to our (vulnerable) clients?

5. How do you respond to people who say green jobs are just in renewable energy or are technical in nature?
6. How should clients prepare for a career in the green economy?

7. How is the green economy different from the traditional economy?

8. Tell us about your book, Green Careers For Dummies.

9. How is the green industry impacting countries around the world?

10.  Could you give some examples of  interesting and innovative green jobs or entrepreneurial endeavors?

11. You are in the process of designing a very comprehensive green career map that you include in the powerpoint presentation that you are making available to listeners.  Could you tell us about your map and powerpoint presentation?  There is a link to your powerpoint presentation on your Careerwell page.  Can career practitioners  use the presentation with their clients?

12. Could you summarize what you talked about?




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Green Careers for Dummies

Make a good living in the emerging green economy
The green economy is just beginning to unfold. The transition from business-as-usual to a new sustainable economy is opening up a wide range of opportunities that are likely to continue for years to come as new clean technologies, policies, and standards are adopted. Making sense of this new economy can be tricky, but if you’re committed to finding a career that will have a positive impact on the planet, this friendly guide gives you everything you need to land the job of your dreams.

Discovering the green frontier – learn how to navigate the world of green careers and get the inside scoop on the green economy
Finding your green focus – set your sights on the green career that matches your interests, highlights your strengths, and leverages your experience and education
Exploring careers in green industries – get a handle on the immense variety of job titles in the more than 50 industries that make up the green economy, from managing natural resources and generating clean energy to policy making and environmental education
Using job search 2.0 techniques – harness the Web to grow your green network, advance your green education, and claim your competitive advantage
Activating your green job search
– discover how to target the eco-friendly companies that match your goals, find openings for your talents, and take your green career to the next level

Upcoming Events

Carol's latest book, Green Careers For Dummies, launches in mid-January. A variety of virtual events are planned to celebrate the launch from January through March.

Contact Information

1-650 322 8661
Green Career Central blog - www.greencareercentralblog.com
Green Career Central site - www.greencareercentral.com
Carol's LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com...
Carol's Twitter: twitter.com...
Green Career Central's Facebook Page: www.facebook.com...

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This is Sally Gelardin with Careerwell Tele-Interviews.  I'm pleased to welcome both Carol McClelland, our speaker for today (Hi, Carol) and Terry Olesen, calling in from Perth, Australia (Hi Terry). Carol's a trailblazer in the green careers field.  I bought her book, The Seasons of Change, in 1998, and her newest book,  Green Careers for Dummies, is just coming out this month. Carol regularly updates

Green Career Central (www.greencareercentral.com), the only virtual career center dedicated to professionals who are ready to transfer their skills and experience to the green economy. Make sure to view her Careerwell page (click on her name in the left menu on careerwell.org) because she has linked two fabulous tools, a green career powerpoint presentation and a green careers map  that you can use with your clients/students.


Interviewing Carol today is Terry Olesen. Terry brings over 25 years experience in career planning and education. I asked Terry to be the interviewer today because, coming from the other side of the world, he brings a global perspective to the green career movement, so I hope also learn more about green careers worldwide.  Ok, Terry, I'll turn the interview over to you now.

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Thank you Carol, for sharing with you valuable green career nuggets of information, and Terry, for waking up so early Friday morning to be our interviwer. Our upcoming speakers include:


Thank you Carol and Terry, and thank you listeners.  Goodby.

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