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Thursday, December 9, 2010, 10 am Pacific, 11 am Mountain, noon Central, 1 pm EST, 2 pm Atlantic, 7 pm Zurich, 8 pm Istanbul


Establish Authority in Your Field with Books, eBooks and Information Products
Whether you want to add revenue streams to your business or use information products as a marketing tool, you will learn how to create and promote a variety of information products including books, e-books, special reports, audio programs, workbooks and more.

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Stephanie Chandler is an author of several business and marekting books, including From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur:  Make Money with Books, eBooks and Information Products (John Wiley & Sons) and LEAP! 101 Ways to Grow Your Business (Career Press).  Stephanie is also founder and CEO of AuthorityPublishing.com, which specializes in custom book publishing and marketing services.  A frequent speaker at business events and on the radio, she has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, BusinessWeek, Inc.com, and many other media outlets.



Stephanie Chandler








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BOOKED UP! How to Write, Publish and Promote a Book to Grow Your Business
By Stephanie Chandler

Download the ebook in PDF, Kindle and other formats: www.smashwords.com...
Use coupon code NQ54Y to get it for free!


If you have been thinking about writing a book, or you have already authored a book and want to gain even more exposure online, you will find a treasure trove of information and resources in BOOKED UP!
In this 140+ page ebook (available in PDF, Kindle, iPad and other formats), you will learn how to:

  •  Uncover dozens of revenue-generating strategies that you can create around your book.
  • Write a book—even if you hate to write!
  • Choose between self-publishing and traditional publishing, depending on your unique goals.
  • Move forward with self-publishing, if that is the path you choose.
  • Navigate the world of traditional publishing and land a book deal.
  • Implement powerful internet marketing strategies to gain maximum visibility online.
  • Leverage social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to build your audience and increase website traffic.

An interview with a successful author follows each section in the book—authors who have built empires around one or more books. This is valuable real-world advice that you won’t find anywhere else. Don’t miss your chance to get BOOKED UP!
Thank you!

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10 Ways to Grow Your Business with a Book
By Stephanie Chandler

1. IMPRESS PROSPECTS - Meeting with a potential client? Bring along a copy of your book. Being an author elevates your credibility, demonstrates your authority in your field and creates a competitive advantage.

2. ATTRACT NEW BUSINESS - Want to land a meeting with a hard-to-reach prospect? Send him/her a copy of your book along with a personal note. The results may surprise you.

3. RAISE YOUR RATES - Because your author status can equate to new clients, media coverage, speaking engagements and a lot more, it can be easy to justify an increase in your rates.

4. GENERATE REFERRALS - I know a family law attorney who sent copies of her parenting book out to marriage therapists all over town. Since therapists were often talking to her potential clients—people going through divorce—she took a chance that the book might make an impression. Her practice quickly became the largest of its kind in her city. Introduce your book to people who are influential in your industry.

5. ATTRACT MEDIA COVERAGE - The media is in constant pursuit of experts for stories and as an author, you have tremendous value to offer. You can send press releases or better yet, contact the media directly. I like to send personal e-mail introductions to reporters, editors and producers (contact information is almost always readily available on websites). Remember that the media needs us as much as we need them!

6. DAZZLE AT TRADE SHOWS - When you host a booth at trade shows, your booth won’t be ordinary once you showcase your book. Prospects and potential alliance partners will be eager to meet the author, especially if you are available to autograph books. Talk about a great way to stand out among the vendors!

7. DEVELOP PROFITABLE PROGRAMS - Whether you ask them to or not, readers will call, write and send e-mail inquiring about how to implement the strategies in your book. Consider developing coaching programs, training packages, workbooks, and information products that compliment your book.

8. CONDUCT SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS - Authors are often invited to speak at trade association meetings, the local Chamber of Commerce, non-profit organizations, corporate functions, conferences and events. Once you have captivated an audience, wrap up your presentation with a special offer for consulting services, training programs and autographed copies of your book.

9. BE A GUEST ON INTERNET RADIO PROGRAMS - Unlike traditional radio where you might be interviewed for 10 minutes, online radio shows, podcasts and teleseminars typically have guests on for up to an hour. An added bonus: listeners are often at their computers ready to buy! To find relevant shows, search Google for keywords and investigate shows archived on iTunes. Also check out sites like www.blogtalkradio.com, www.alltalkradio.net, www.wsradio.com, and www.womensradio.com.

10. SELL LARGE QUANTITIES - Could a trade association purchase and give away copies of your book to new members? Could a corporation use your books for training materials? Would your book provide inspiration for a local non-profit group? Could your local bank offer your book as a bonus for those opening new business accounts? Offer deep discounts on bulk orders and create a win-win situation.

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Opening Instructions for Listeners

Before we begin, here are a few instructions for listeners:

  • If you have a question, press 5* on your phone.
  • Directly after the interview, be sure to fill out the evaluation linked to your call-in instructions, especially if you want to earn CEUs. 
  • Please register at least 24 - 48 hours before the interview so we have time to send out the call-in information.
  • If you'd like to listen to more of these tele-interviews, and your organization is not currently a subscriber, contact me with someone I can talk with about subscribing your organization so you can listen for free (except for the cost of your distance provider). Email info@ careerwell.org or call 415.312.4294.
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This is Dr. Sally Gelardin, with Careerwell Tele-Interviews.  Who doesn't want to increase revenues? Stephanie Chandler, author of several business and marekting books, is about to tell us how.   Stephanie is also founder and CEO of AuthorityPublishing.com, which specializes in custom book publishing and marketing services.  A frequent speaker at business events and on the radio, she has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, BusinessWeek, Inc.com, and many other media outlets. Welcome Stephanie!

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Interview Questions


  1. What is an Infopreneur?
  2. What is information marketing?Why would anyone want to publish e-books or other products?
  3. What are some ways that we can use information to benefit our existing business?
  4. How can we come up with ideas for our products?
  5. Often we have so many product ideas.  How do we know which ones to work on first?
  6. What is the difference between an ebobk and a special report?
  7. How difficult is it to create an ebook?
  8. What if one doesn't like to write?
  9. Should we be paying attention to the competition?
  10. How should we price our products?
  11. How do we set up our websites to sell our products?
  12. What are some ways to market our info products?
  13. What are the keys to info product success?
  14. Could you recommend some resources for those who are just getting started?
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Upcoming December Tele-Interviews

  • On December 16, Alberto Puertes, a career/academic counselor for the Counseling and Career Center at Brigham Young University, will discuss the benefits and challenges globalization presents to vocational guidance in the international arena. Alberto served as the NCDA International Career Issues Committee Chairperson and has has mentored many students doing humanitarian work and internships abroad.
  • If you've ever thought about offering career services in another country, then you will want to listen on December 30 to  Ellen Weaver-Paquette talk about her experiences teaching the International Career Development Facilitator training in the Middle East.  Ellen will take us a virtual tour into challenges and strengths of the Middle East, touching on geography, economics, education, and culture.
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