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2010       Honotable Mention (2), Faces (Toddler & Ninety), Women in Photography International (Caitlin Mairead McKiernan, Hairdresser House Call)


2010       Honotable Mention, A Decade of Images: 2000-2010 (page 4), WIPI (Memphis, Fountain)


2009       Merit Award, World in Focus, National Geographic Traveler and Photo District News (Trinity,
                     Rome, Italy)


2007       Top 25, The Portrait,  WIPI (Chicago, Reverie)

2007       Top 50, The Portrait, WIPI (At Granny McKiernan’s House, Ballyconnell,

2006       Honorable Mention, Lifestyle, International Photography Awards (IPA)
                    (Chinatown Alley, Los Angeles)

2006       Choice 100, Turning Silver, WIPI (Nimbus, Santa Monica)

2005       Honorable Mention, Portraits of Children, IPA (Atlantic Avenue, Bell)

2005       Two Honorable Mentions, Decisive Moments: A Tribute to Henri Cartier-
, WIPI (Cross-Section, Rome and Kiss, Los Angeles)

2004       Two Honorable Mentions, Virtual Visual: People, WIPI (Nimbus, Santa
and Kiss, Los Angeles)


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.