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due at end of period in computer 1 or 2:

> 1,2,3 below (write,research,slogan)

> 4, Research Latin American Art

> 5, Practice stencil effect in Photoshop


Mon/Tue due in first 30 minutes of class:

1) Write at least a 1 or 2 paragraphs answering these 2 questions:

Think (Pre-write): "What if there was no art in your life at all? (no art or photo classes in school, no murals on the street, no museums or galleries, no movies, no cameras ...etc etc) ... How would your life be different? 

“How does art (including photography) improve our quality of life?

2) Research some quotes about art. Choose your favorite 3 quotes and write them down. Use online quote sites like:

brainy quote   quote garden   think exist


3) Write an original slogan about how art improves your quality of life




due at end of period in computer 1 or 2:


> 1,2,3 below (write,research,slogan)


> 4, Research Latin American Art


> 5, Practice stencil effect in Photoshop


4) Gather a folder of Latin American artist images. You can use these for your poster design. From researching on Google, choose your 5-10 favorites and put in a folder.


  • Explore MOLAA's website:



  • Search in Google:

>"Latin American art"

>"Mexican art"

> Chicano art"

>"Latin American photography"

>"Mexican photography"

> "Chicano" or "Mexican graffiti art"

and also names of Latin artists or photographers you know. These may include street or graffiti artists:


>Frida Kahlo

>Diego Rivera

>Alfaro Siqueiros

>Jose Orozco

> photographer: Manuel Alvarez Bravo

> photographer: Graciela Iturbide

other photographers

> "Mayan art" or "Aztec art"


5) Using one of these pictures, create a "Stencil Effect" image in Photoshop, using one of your own photos or a photo from online

Friday/ next week:

Now, start Putting Together Your Poster:


How Art Improves (Your) Life




3 PS techniques you can choose from:

1) Stencil

2) Clipping Mask of shape or letters

3) HAAT magic photo collage


12 x 18 inches, 300 dpi


> must be an original slogan


> must be original imagery

The imagery may be an original photograph, drawing or photo collage.

** note: This final 14x20-inch size INCLUDES a 1-inch border on all sides so your poster image is only 12 x 18 inches!!


Annual MOLAA Poster Contest: Los Angeles and Orange County High School and Middle School students design posters under the supervision of their instructors then participate in a juried display at MOLAA during the month of April.  Winners are awarded cash prizes. 

MOLAA is exclusively dedicated to modern and contemporary Latin American art.

Poster Contest Teacher Packet. Extended Deadline-3.pdf

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.